Fluid Dynamic simulations using OpenFOAMĀ®

OpenFOAMĀ® (Open source Field Operation And Manipulation) is a C++ toolbox widely used for solving Continuum Mechanics problems. The code can be used for developing solvers for solving fluid dynamics, solid mechanics etc., The code is released as free and open-source software under the GNU General Public License (V3). The OpenFOAM code presently has wide range of solvers like Basic CFD solvers, Incompressible and Compressible flow solvers with RANS and LES capabilities, Buoyancy-driven flow solvers, DNS, Multiphase flow solvers, Particle-tracking solvers, Combustion solvers, Molecular dynamics solvers, Direct simulation Monte Carlo solvers, Electromagnetic solvers and Solid dynamics solvers. The code also has mesh generation utilities, mesh manipulation utilities, pre- and post- processing utilities, code templates, case templates, a set of tutorials and a user guide. The present workshop will focus on Introduction to the code, insights, demo sessions, practice sessions and finally a closed door discussion on current research trends/topics.

Disclaimer: This workshop is not endorsed by ESI/Open-CFD Ltd. OpenFOAMĀ® is a registered trademark of ESI/Open-CFD Ltd.